Wero Gallo’s Dark Tricks

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Wero Gallo is one of the rising art stars. You will recognize his work from a mile away and now you have a chance to learn from him. Recently he also created a Boonika Pro Page. Go check it out and see some other examples of his work.

Here’s Wero’s message:

“Hello my name is Wero Gallo, I am a freelance illustrator from Chile, I would like to invite you to my Patreon, but first tell you a little about my work. My work is quite dark, in theme and colors but I really like to play with contrast, I think it is a very important tool when wanting to attract the attention of the viewer. The themes I work on range from fantasy to Sci-Fi (retro Sci-Fi). I’m currently working on a series of images called Darkest Metal, a personal project where I try to mix the things I like most within the fantasy.

In my Patreon you can find exclusive images, polls to help me choose different themes, images with Lore which will give more information about them, this part is dedicated to RPG players and lovers of dark fantasy. And going on to the most educational, I will have a tier where I will share processes about my work, from Step by Step material, to video processes in real time, sharing different rendering techniques and the same process with which I work every day. Uniting the power of 3D together with 2D to have a more optimal workflow. Anyway I am open to suggestions within the Tiers, or about what kind of material they would like to see.”

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