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The IFCC Academy announces its first ever precursor course, setting the stage for the exciting IFCC Croatia festival program commencing in 2017. Aware that first impressions are a big deal, the opening workshop will feature lectures by Jama Jurabaev, who is also a big deal in the concept art world. His work is renowned in both game and film industries.

If you're into Concept Art than this workshop is the right choice to hone your skills. It will definitely influence your workflow in the best possible way. Jama is one of those artists who always adapt their workflows to the latest hardware and software trends, while still appreciating traditional art values.

Working as a London based freelance artist Jama's talent contributed to a number of massively popular box office hits including Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron, X-Men: Days of future past and Guardians of the galaxy. His skillfulness has made him one of the best concept designers and digital matte artist in the industry.  It's worth noting that prior to him embellishing visual components of games and films he studied aerospace engineering. How about that?

In the ever-growing and increasingly competitive game/film industry, the benefits of acquiring skill sets from a dedicated, in-the-know artist such as Jama Jurabaev will prove invaluable to anyone with the thirst for creative solutions in furthering one's potential.

Jama Jurbaev IFCC Academy



a) Evolution of concept art
b) Future of concept art pipeline for game and movie designs
c) Knowledge vs tools
d) Real job cases and practice


Mandatory: Photoshop CC 2015.5, 3D-Coat
Additional: Blender or any other 3D package (Zbrush and etc.)

Jama Jurbaev 360

Jama's workshop titled „NextGen Concept Art“ will feature in depth coverage of various techniques and approaches to achieve maximum creative effect while developing your 2D and 3D skills to rival industry professionals. By taking in the course, each participant will have the opportunity to enhance hers/his portfolio with amazing works completed under knowledgeable tutelage of master Jama. Along with gained skill and knowledge points, workshop attendees will receive a 70 Euro discount towards buying IFCC 2017 tickets. Also, if you have already purchased IFCC 2017 ticket than then your seat for this workshop will also be 70 euros cheaper. Not bad, huh?

Jama Jurbaev 360

Certainly, the workshop will focus on combining a number of various approaches, tools and techniques. For a broad mind creates in broad strokes. You will learn how to paint and sculpt impressive, true-to-life interior and exterior environments that could not have been otherwise created or visited. Visual development of projects will include 2D and 3D techniques, hardsurface and organic sculpting, smart material texture application, understanding cinematography, designing shots, advanced keyshot techniques and final rendering. All this will be taught using various software for forming illustrations to convey ideas for use in films, video games, animation and other media.

Jama Jurabaev will teach you how to construct stunningly complex concept designs that will make your portfolio stand out, but more importantly, that will vastly improve your skill level allowing you to grow as an artist and thinker.

„NextGen Concept Art“ will be held from 25th to 27th of May 2017. The workshop fee will be announced soon. Every student will receive a 70 Euro discount towards your purchase of IFCC 2017 tickets. The discount is non transferable and applies solely to the purchase of IFCC's main program tickets. Also, if you have already purchased full price IFCC 2017 ticket than the same discount applies for your workshop seat. Have in mind that this doesn't apply for Early Bird IFCC 2017 tickets or those bought with discount coupons.

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