IFCC 2019 Talks & Demos

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EDIT: IFCC 2019 content is now free for everyone!


IFCC 2019 was an intimate gather of 170 artists from all corners of the globe. The event took place in Split at the end of June. Sea, sun, art, fun. It was, in so many ways, a whole different experience from what IFCC used to be while it was a relatively big art conference happening in the city of Zagreb. What didn’t change is the quality of the content because, on stage, we had a team of 25 international art professionals (we prefer calling them teachers).  Before they started preparing their live sessions, each of the 25 IFCC 2019 teachers was given only one condition – to pass on their knowledge. Some of them were more focused on their art technique while others did a breakdown of their business model.

We tried to record as much as possible so we can give access to IFCC 2019 TALKS & DEMOS, even after the event, to everyone who attended the event (and now also to everyone who didn’t), FREE OF CHARGE of course. You just have to LOG IN to access it. Even if you weren’t there you can gain access for a fraction of the live event ticket cost.

IFCC 2019 Full Access (before €119, now FREE to everyone)

More than 20 hours of videos that cover various topics, from the business of art to how to draw a straight line. Literally. Get it now and the content will be available for you as soon as it gets uploaded to the website, at least one video every week and up to 24 videos all in all. If you want more for less then this bundle is the right choice for you.

IMPORTANT! Refunds are not possible. We did the best we could while editing the recorded material. Don’t expect the highest quality video and sound experience since we’re not the Netflix level yet. We were very limited by both the number of people and the available equipment, which is why some footage is lost for good (yep, we cried as well). So, some of the talks & demos, that are still being edited, might be removed from the list if audio and video footage don’t meet the minimum tech. requirements. We advise you to focus on the valuable information shared by the IFCC 2019 teachers.

Random IFCC 2019 photo-memories

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