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After all these years we are finally close to where we want to be. We are able to provide additional content. from our own production, to those who have followed and supported us so far. Every cent that you have sent our way has been used to improve our services, online and on-site. Everything about IFCC has been done thanks to our hard work and the money that you have invested in both IFCC Croatia as attendees and IFCC Academy as online students. To claim one or all of the rewards please pick the option that is right for you, at the bottom of this article, but first, of course, read the article.

1. FOG-LAND Photo Reference Pack

The First Big News is – if you are an IFCC attendee or a student that has enrolled in any of the IFCC Academy courses, you will get the FOG-LAND Photo Reference Pack FOR FREE. You will get it even if you enroll in the upcoming courses. FOG-LAND is a huge collection of photos that Marko Prpic Zets has shot over the past few weeks and he will continue doing it as long as his hometown Zagreb remains to be a prisoner of the fog. More than 100 images available with the 6720×4480 px resolution. So, even if you want to use them as a photo-bash set for concept art or matte painting – you can because there’s more than enough resolution for you to chop out the elements you need. However, have in mind that these are meant to be references, not textures. So if you are a matte painter don’t expect all the architecture and landscapes to be what you are usually expect form a photo pack.

You can get it as soon as it is available. Get your IFCC Ticket now, while it’s still at the Early Bird price OR subscribe to IFCC Academy Newsletter to get notified on time.

2. IFCC Academy Courses

The Second Big News is – if you have purchased IFCC 2020 Ticket you will get three fantastic courses totally FREE. Yes, THREE – FREE. Two of them have already been announced HERE. The third course by Jude Smith is still in production, and it will be available soon.

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