We talk briefly about how some basic Graphic Design knowledge and tools can be useful for almost any digital artist.

Vector Graphics tools overview?

An introduction to the vector graphic format, its function and main tools used to start creating imagery. Also we review Adobe Illustrator basics as the tool used for the creation of this course.

Creating your own (graphic) visual resources?

We'll cover here some of the main kind of graphics that we're able to create and experiment with once starting to feel good about handling a vector graphics software.

Creating more complex graphics and illustrations?

Now It's time to explore various interesting techniques that will show you alternatives on how to take advantage from other tools or media such as 3D models or hand/digital drawings, which combined with vector graphics tools can lead to more elaborated imagery and also encourage you to experiment with this processes.

Start using what you learned?

In this final part of the course we'll identify how 2D graphics work can relate with your specific area of interest. Also we'll review a personal graphics library I created as an example on how could you develop 2D graphics and start making use of them.
1.1 Graphic Design can be your friend

A brief introduction where we talk about how can we find Graphic Design and 2D graphics present in our daily life and also into a wide range of visual work specially coming from the digital art field.

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