The IFCC Academy is breaking new ground with online courses taught by renowned industry professionals. “Epic Matte Shot“ will be one of IFCCA's pioneering courses helmed by Steven Cormann. The course will provide a comprehensive overview of concept art from idea to execution using Maya software and Redshift plug-in tools through a series of tutorials. It will teach students easily applicable and intuitive lessons that will ease progression in the field of concept art. The curriculum will be a revelation for those seeking new ways and skills to articulate their conceptions.

More experience always equals better work. This course is certainly a worthwhile experience that will influence and improve your creative output.

Steven Cormann is a concept designer and matte painter. Born in the USA, raised and residing in Belgium. Since he was a child, Steven showed interest in the arts, especially movies, drawing and music. What really ignited his imagination were films such as Alien, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones and the world of special effects. Later on he realized the beauty of architecture, fine art, science, history and travelling.

His love for landscape and romanticism artists of the late 19th century comes as no surprise knowing that he creates detailed conceptual art. All of these interests fell into place like a well-played Tetris puzzle and made him the awe inspiring artist he is today. Steven is currently a successful professional matte painter and conceptual artist working on his IP while freelancing.




a) Research - A word about the film look, composition, and the research of references
b) Setting up a 3D scene + Blockout - Short intro to Maya and Redshift + blocking out our scene with simple shapes
c) 3D Modeling - Modeling in Maya, Zbrush and Marvelous Designer.
d) Lighting - Lighting our scene using a dome light with an HDRI and Redshift physical lights
e) Texturing - Creating textures in Photoshop and using Megascan assets and maps
f) Vegetation - Creating vegetation using Maya PaintEffects and Speedtree
g) Rendering - Rendering using Redshift for Maya
i) Post-production - Rendering using Redshift for Maya

Mandatory:  Photoshop, Maya or any other similar 3D software, Redshift or the render engine of your choice.
Additional:  ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Quixel, After Effects, Speedtree

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

The tutorial series will focus on creating an inspiring image using 3D matte painting techniques, focusing on the creation of the image only and excluding its animation. Like most IFCCA courses it will cover wide terrain, gunning for maximum scope while remaining on target. Beginning at the research phase, the lecturer will take you through everything from setting the scene to the finishing touches with overpainting. The course may be considered a lesson in thinking as well as doing.


Steven puts great emphasis on mastering fundamentals such as composition that he holds extremely important. And for good reason. You must learn the rules in order to break them well. He will go on to teach how to wisely differentiate the important from the mediocre in order to create works that are quality consistent and original. He will help you find your own voice.


The 3D matte painting course is a great opportunity to learn next level techniques and use the acquired knowledge to get noticed. Through accessible but meticulous work demonstrations and numerous examples you will learn where to look for inspiration and how to use it to create something grand and exciting. Learn, get inspired and wow - that's precisely what Steven is here to do for you.

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„Epic Matte Shot“ will be available on 4th of February 2019. Every student enrolled in Dragon tier will receive a 70 Euro discount towards the purchase of an IFCC 2019 ticket. The discount is non-transferable and applies solely to the purchase of IFCC's main event tickets. If you have already purchased full price IFCC 2019 tickets, the discount applies to your purchased course. The discount is not applicable to Early Bird IFCC 2019 tickets or those bought with discount coupons.

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