Meet Peter Han

Who is Peter? When it comes to teaching drawing while bursting with energy there’s few artists who can compare to Peter Han. With his Dynamic Sketching approach – forged while studying under Norman Schureman and others at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena – Peter has helped countless artists in the entertainment design industry become …

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Concept Artist Roundtable

‘Concept Artist Roundtable’ was the last IFCC 2020 session which deserves to be watched multiple times. Five top professionals talk about their art beginnings, education, current jobs, the balance between personal and client work, and future plans. Participants

Naomi Baker Concept Art Illustration

Meet Jad Saber

Who is Jad? Jad Saber is an artist whose work captures the imagination right off the bat. The strong environment pieces always tell a story, and it’s hard not to start imagining what it would be like to wander through these worlds he has created. Whether it’s a grand Science Fiction panorama, a stunning mountainscape, …

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Upcoming IFCCA Courses

Environment Exploration & Graphic Design IFCC Academy instructors are currently working on several new courses, but in this article we will only mention two of them. As you already know, the purpose of the IFCC Academy project is to provide affordable educational content from various fields, created by those who feel the need to pass …

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Prince Bongane Mahlangu
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